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Every child deserves the best!
kids are like clay, waiting to be moulded and given a definite shape. Their childhood years are the best time to build and develop important mental and physical skills. That’s where HILIFE steps in.

Launched under the Make In India initiative, HILIFE has been growing by leaps and bounds and is all set to bring laurels to India by competing with international brands on a global platform.
With its non-toxic, eco-friendly toys crafted with care and safely tested, HILIFE offers children the perfect tool to have fun while embracing creative ways of playing, thinking and learning. Multi-functional, strong and durable, every child will be playing with HILIFE toys for years to come as they not only boost their imagination and increase their awareness but also enhance their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

HILIFE toys are the perfect gift to nurture children’s passion for learning and their innate curiosity.
With HILIFE, see your kids Play, Learn & Grow.

Meet the Director

Mr. Sandeep Moona’s masterpiece, Hilife was created to offer high-quality, non-toxic and 100% kids-friendly toys to children nationally as well as internationally.

With more than 30 years of experience in the toy industry, Mr. Moona has worked with internationally acclaimed brands. His vast & diverse experience inspired him to ensure that our country stands at par with international toy brands, which laid the foundation for Hilife. His mission to create toys that engage children while boosting their growth and learning is distinctly visible in the brand’s Play, Learn & Grow motto.

Backed by Mr. Moona’s vision & expertise, Hilife is all set to become an international brand winning laurels for the nation.

We’re Here For Anything You Need.

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